What Does a Typical Day Look Like at Just Believe Recovery?

As a recovery treatment center for drug and alcohol abuse, Just Believe Recovery center provides a continuum of care that includes partial hospitalization programs, residential treatment, detox, and an outpatient program. Designed to provide each client with the highest quality of personalized treatment, every program is built around the unique needs of each resident. With a full staff of professionals and standard practices to aid in recovery, Just Believe Recovery structures their resident’s days in the best way to help them achieve sobriety. Through a comprehensive series of services and therapy, Just Believe allows residents to adjust to their new sober lives with a consistent schedule and regular treatment.

What Can I Expect at Just Believe Recovery?

A typical day at Just Believe Recovery includes a variety of treatment therapies as well as recreational activities. This type of schedule is designed to help resident unlearn negative habits associated with substance abuse and replace them with new routines that allow them to live a healthy, sober life. Though each person’s schedule may vary based on what stage they are in therapy, a typical day includes the following:

  • Mornings Most programs start the day with a calming activity like meditation or yoga and breakfast, followed by a group therapy session.
  • Afternoons begin with lunch and are typically followed by intensive therapy sessions.
  • Free Time The late afternoons are usually filled with alternative forms of therapy or recreational activities. These therapies range from art and exercise therapy to biofeedback therapy. All serve to supplement the other forms of treatment you will receive as part of your program.
  • Evenings Following dinner, residents have shorter therapy or group sessions like 12-step programs. On some evenings, residents may be offered more free time.

Just Believe Recovery’s Treatment Programs

The treatment programs at Just Believe Rehab focus on developing a strong relationship with every client. These care plans are determined by each person’s individual goals and needs. The following treatment programs are offered at this facility:

  • Detox – Detox is the first step to recovery. This process helps an individual rid their body of the toxins caused by their substance use disorder. This recovery center offers medically monitored detox programs facilitated by medical experts. Residents are able to experience this detox in the serene environment of the facility which helps them to promote healing. Clients are then monitored 24/7 by professionals to ensure their well-being and health are cared for.
  • Residential Treatment After the detox, the residential treatment will begin. Clients are assessed by a psychiatrist and medical doctor to determine what needs have to be met. Then, they will receive a primary therapist that will help them develop a treatment plan. Group and individual therapies are also an important part of one’s treatment plans as they help to establish a support system for clients.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program The PHP offers component similar to full-time residential inpatient programs. With PHP, clients are able to access therapy, aftercare support, counseling, and other treatment options. Through PHP, clients are able to receive similar intensive care they would in a residential program but are able to spend their evenings at home like setting at our community housing.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program Following the residential inpatient program, some clients choose to enroll in outpatient treatment. This type of program serves to continue treatment as clients learn to adjust to life outside of rehab. In outpatient aftercare, clients have access to some of the same benefits as they did in inpatient treatment including group therapy, individual therapy, holistic treatment, counseling, and professional guidance.

Benefits of Recovery Treatment

Making the decision to receive treatment for a substance use disorder comes down to asking yourself whether or not you want to get better. For many that want to quit their substance abuse, trying to do so on their own is often not enough. With the help of a rehab facility, you’ll receive assistance in achieving sobriety and learning how to break the cycle of addiction. The drug-free environment of a treatment facility like Just Believe helps to hold residents accountable to the goal of becoming substance-free. With the likes of medically assisted detox, treatment programs, therapy, and support systems, you’ll be able to get through the initial challenge of becoming sober as you learn how to live life without substances.